M.A. Jonathon Stokes

Member of Science Council, Wellspring International Bilingual School; Former Principal of School of Kensington, California

Mr. Jonathon Stokes holds a master’s degree in education from the University of San Jose (USA), a large US public university with a 160-year history. This University is among the 40 best universities in the United States according to the prestigious U.S. News & World Report in 2016.

He has considerable experience in educational management in Vietnam and the United States, especially in the field of teacher training and international language school. In Vietnam, he used to hold the position of Scientific Council Member – Training Advisor for Wellspring International Bilingual School and Vice Chancellor of APU International School. In the United States, he held the Kensington School Principal, California. He also teaches ESL (English as a second language) at many foreign language schools in California and Ho Chi Minh City.

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