Le Hoai An, M.A.

Lecturer at Banking University - Head of Research Department at Phoenix Capital

Mr. Le Hoai An is an experienced lecture in Banking and Financial subjects who has been in charge of the teaching position for many prestigious universities in Vietnam such as Banking University, Hoa Sen University, Ton Duc Thang University.  He is also an expert and writer of many published books, journals and studies in the field of Finance Management and Business Investment.

His current work in 2019 was “Giải Mã: Kinh tế – Đầu tư – Gia đình” which provides an insight about personal financial plans and credit management. He is not only a proactive guest speaker in a variety of medial channels such as HTV9, The Saigon Times, Forbes Vietnam but also a facilitator in numerous translating and interpreting activities for educational purposes.

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