On the afternoon of July 29th, 2022, the HCMC TESOL Association has cooperated with Horizon TESOL and An Duong Vuong High School at Thu Duc District to organize an exchange event with the school’s 10th and 11th grade students. With the desire to inspire  and introduce the “Conversation with expertsprogram as guidance for students to prepare for English learning after graduating high school, the event was conducted with the presence of industry experts: 9x Teacher Nguyen Thai Duong, teacher training specialistMs. Ngo Nguyen Thien Ton, an English Teacher with an IELTS of 8.5, and Mr. Tran Nam Anh. 

Mr. Tran Duc Thanh, Principle of An Duong Vuong High School, started the event by introducing the cooperation between the school and the HCMC TESOL Association represented by Horizon TESOL to bridge the gap between students and high-level English development. He wishes his students would be able to develop their English skills while still on campus and can confidently utilize the language to apply for colleges, study abroad, or even in everyday communicationWith a burning passion for younger generation’s educational development, Mr. Thanh shared many meaningful and inspiring stories to motivate students into trying their best to learn and better themselves, especially their English skillswith the hopes that they’ll becomeproper people before they become famousand fluent in English as support for future individual growth.

The delegates attending the event (from left to right): Mr. Pham Ngoc Quang Trung – Horizon Education Center Strategy Director, Dr. Doan Hue Dung – Former President of the HCMC TESOL Association, Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu – Manager of Horizon Education Center, Mr. Ngo Nguyen Thien Ton, Mr. Tran Nam Anh, Mr. Nguyen Thai Duong

After the delegates introduction, Ms. Doan Hue Dung (Former President of the HCMC Tesol Association) made a couple of statements. From her experience of more than 30 years in education, Ms. Dung shared the association’s aspiration is to “provide the best learning opportunities for English learners“, introduced the Horizon TESOL center and sent out words of encouragement to the students. 

The program continued with the energetic appearance of 9x Teacher Nguyen Thai Duong, Mr. Ngo Nguyen Thien Ton and Mr.Tran Nam Anh, with fun challenges and exciting prizes to lighten the atmosphere and exhilarated the students into participating. The experts then shared about the course’s goals, motivation and English learning methods in general and IELTS in particular that achieve the best results. 

The appearance of Mr. Thai Duong warmed up the atmosphere with catchy and exciting songs. He then introduced students to useful English learning methods such asstep by step and “2-4-7″ (study 2 times, practice 4 times and execute it 7 times). Mr. Thai Duong concluded by singing a melodic song and was received with enthusiastic responses from the students

Mr. Ton coninued by sharing some valuable English knowledge, as well as the significance of frequent practices. With the phraserepetition is the mother of skills”, and the 3 letters P (PersonalizationPracticabilityPractice), he motivated students to cultivate their English skills in a humorous yet highly effective way.

Mr. Nam Anh introduced the students to the importance of learning and taking the IELTS examination together with essential studying methods that could yield higher results. The students were exhilarated to answer Mr. Nam Anh’s English questions and showed incredible grasp on the language. 

The event ended with resounding success, promising to return with even more meaningful cooperation and students were thrilled. Moving forward, the cooperation between the HCMC TESOL Association, Horizon TESOL and An Duong Vuong High School will invite plenty of academic opportunities and create an English playground for the students. 




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