On the morning of April 2nd, 2022, Ho Chi Minh City TESOL Association in collaboration with Horizon TESOL co-organized the webinar titled BEST PRACTICE AND STRATEGY FOR TEACHING IELTS and a special Graduation Ceremony in Microsoft Teams platform. This virtual event welcomed the participation of over 100 attendees across the regions in Vietnam.

The program had the honor to welcome guests: Mr. Gabriel Ryan – the Academic English Lecturer at ISB International School of Business (UEH) who has many years of experience in designing IELTS teaching and learning programs; Mr. Adam Briffett – a TESOL trainer and the Director of Education at Major Oak Education; Mr. Nghia Vu-  the Academic Supervisor at WESET and last but not least, Mr. Huy Pham – the Academic Manager of Horizon TESOL. Also, contributing to the success of the event is the presence of valued lecturers of Horizon TESOL, TESOL course graduates and over 100 participants.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Mr. Huy Pham delivered the welcome remarks to all lecturers, students, and participants in the seminar.

Soon after that, Mr. Adam kicked off the presentation by discussing The Current Market Trends in Online Education and IELTS. Following the program, Mr. Gabriel gave a detailed introduction to the preparation and guidance for IELT teaching and learning, focusing on the necessary skills, tactics, how to build lessons, and essential tips in teaching  writing skills, learning vocabulary with remarkably useful information, as well as links to resources that will definitely help the participants better prepare for the IELTS exam lesson plans.

The last section of the program was Mr. Nghia Vu’s sharing about major aspects of approaches for a variety of learner’s proficiency in the IELTS together with specific ideas on resources and books teach each IELTS band score. 

Furthermore, the seminar was very dynamic and successful, with active and engaging participation from the attendees who came and shared their interests and concerns about IELTS teaching, how to teach IELTS at each level, and how to increase student interaction in academic English learning.

After the break came the Graduation Ceremony for TESOL LIVE 12, INTAKE 78, and INTAKE 79. These are undoubtedly memorable and special moments for each student, as they mark their first success on the teaching path. The ceremony was held in a warm and energetic setting, with lecturers and students from TESOL LIVE 12, INTAKE 78, and INTAKE 79 in attendance.

Mr. Ton Ngo and Mr. Adam, the Horizon TESOL’s trainers, who had guided and witnessed the students’ performance and growth over the last two months, took time to send the students best words of encouragement and congratulations with a key message:  “Wish you all good teaching and have a strong passion for teaching English.” Mr. Ton Ngo expressed his hope as:  “We will meet again as colleagues.”

Mr. Gabriel and Mr. Nghia Vu also complimented, stating that they can see the passion of the course development team, lecturers, and students at Horizon TESOL in each course and wished students good health and success in their teaching career.

The announcement of the graduates’ graduation was followed by student remarks. Mr. Vo Huy Thinh from the Live 12 class said that because of the Covid outbreak, there were many challenges in studying and working, but thanks to Horizon TESOL, learning TESOL has been made easier and he also wished everyone a good health and success. Ms. Nguyen Dieu Nhan, a candidate from INTAKE 79, considered herself to be extremely fortunate to have been awarded a scholarship to attend Horizon’s TESOL program. For her future work as a language teacher, she gained a wealth of knowledge, skills, and advice. She also met a number of colleagues with whom she exchanged further information about their teaching experiences and perspectives.

At the end of the event, everyone took pictures together, sharing the wonderful spirit of a milestone in the TESOL holders’ English teaching career. Following today’s event, each Horizon TESOL student will undoubtedly open a new door, new avenues to tremendous achievements in the coming time . Horizon TESOL hopes that the knowledge shared during the event will assist students in further developing their teaching expertise. Furthermore, the center hopes that the knowledge, experience, and valuable time gained during the Horizon TESOL course will enable all TESOL candidates to confidently enter the English teaching profession with excitement, enthusiasm, and excitement to obtain the greatest outcomes.




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